Video Slot Bonuses

At Gamecock Media, some of the most common online casino bonuses include:

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome or sign-up bonuses are standard rewards for online, Bitcoin, or location-based casinos. This is commonly issued when a player signs-up for their games and is meant to boost the motivation of the player. Welcome bonuses are also referred to as a new player reward, opening bonus, or initial deposit bonus. With all online casinos offering these bonuses it can be hard to find what is the best one for you. That is where review sites similar to ours come in hand. You can find Canadian casinos with top welcome bonuses and low wagering requirements if you pay a visit to

No Deposit Bonuses

Wondering what an NDP is? It's insider lingo for no deposit promo, of course! Check out tons of info on the best type of casino offers by visiting this site. You won't be disappointed! You'll even learn a lot! A no deposit bonus may be the best thing a website offers because a player gets to play games without depositing money. These giveaways sometimes have conditions hooked with them that usually comes in a wager prerequisite. Nonetheless, they are excellent deals allowing a player to get accustomed to their favorite games and hone their skills while not depositing huge amounts of cash.

Free Spins

Free spins are the most popular types of online casino bonuses. This refers to a player's ability to access video slots and other games without spending cash or credit. Free spins are sometimes confused with no deposit bonuses in the sense that a player can access games without affecting their balance. The only difference they have is that free spins can only be used after an initial deposit and no deposit free spin can be used without making an initial deposit.

Match-up Deposit Rewards

Match-up bonuses are exactly what they sound. Online casinos will double the amount of an initial deposit up to 100 time allowing a player to play longer and increase chances of winning.

Reload Bonuses

There are online casinos that offer monthly reload bonuses as part of their efforts to retain loyalty among their customers. Reload bonuses are sometimes referred to as Loyalty Bonus and are meant for patron who are avid players. Extra credits are given to a player's account every month or when they deposit money for playing selected online casino slots .

Loyalty Bonuses -

This type of bonus is usually given to long time members and is actively participating in tournaments and various other activities. Loyalty bonuses are part of a marketing scheme to retain a player's participation in games and promote his online gambling status. This is typically endowed based on a player's ranking and how much and how frequent he deposits money.

High Roller

Reminiscent to land-based casinos, some gambling sites also offer high roller rewards for players who deposit huge amounts of money. This is usually offered in credits where a player is given a percentage equal to the amount he deposits.

VIP Bonuses

Akin to loyalty bonuses, VIP bonuses are given to high ranking member and can take in many forms including shopping vouchers, cash prizes, or holiday getaways.