Gathering of Developers Or Was It A Case Of Mission Impossible?

Founded at the beginning of 1998, Gathering of Developers otherwise known as just simply 'Gathering' or 'God Games', was a video and PC games publishing company that Gamecock Media has been following for many years. The seven founding members and main contributors including Doug 'Fresh' Myres who was responsible for a great amount of the company's media content and CEO Mike Wilson were collaborators with a simple mission in mind. They desired to unite and bring together the independent gaming developers and publishers. This bridging of the gap was to address past frustrations and previous publishing experiences where independent developers had previously had to give up creative control of personally developed projects.

Gathering of Developers would later come under the Take-Two Interactive umbrella. They would be added to this 1993 US video game publishers numerous publishing divisions along with others such as TalonSoft, Take 2, Gotham Games and Global Star Software.

Gathering's initial release catalogue included such games as Age of Wonders, Darkstone, Railroad Tycoon II, Nocturne and Fly! These games have now become the inspiration for hundreds of online casino video slots, which often make use of 3D graphics to keep players entertained.

Outright acquisition of the company was secured by Take-Two in May of 2000. but it became apparent with Gathering being based in Texas and Take-Two headquartered in New York managing the company would become problematic.

This supposed idealic relationship was not going the way it had been intended to go, certainly from the viewpoint of the employees and founders of G.O.D. The founders original core mission with its principles of freedom and fair treatment of developers, was being swept aside. They were now having to dance to someone else's song.

Sadly on May 5th 2001, one of the Gathering Founder members unexpectedly passed away. Doug Myres suffered a fatal Asma attack and was not to recover. Gathering's heartbeat and V.P. of their New Media development was just 36 years old.

Following on from this untimely development, Take-Two were to eventually take full control over all aspects of Gathering of Developers' operations. They rebranded them under the new name of simply 'Gathering' and then merged them into 2K Games. Unfortunately sometimes, things don't always turn out quite the way as originally planned.

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