Video Games vs. Video Slots

Videogames vs. Video Slots

At, slot games are wonderful casino games to play because they do not require a player to learn nothing more than pulling a lever or pressing a button. Slot machines are popular casino games and every location-based and online casino wouldn't be complete without them.

When walking into a traditional casino, a player usually sees lined video slot machines and it is common to see a floor with hundreds of them in bigger venues. Slot machines are not just addictive, but they are also enticing because of the easiness of gameplay and greater probability of getting handsome rewards.

Sites have partnered with leading casino gaming providers to develop online slot games which make it accessible to those who are fond of the game. The company is not new to the video game industry as they have also catered to some of the highly acclaimed games available on console and other mediums.

A Brief History Of Slot Games

Slot first appeared late 1800's invented by car mechanic Charles Fey from San Francisco. The prototype of the slot machine was made of a cash register-sized box and used real playing cards for its pictures.

The first mechanical slot had three spinning reels with pictures of a diamond, spade, heart, and the image of Liberty Bell. A combination of three Liberty Bells gave the highest payoff which was a total of 10 nickels.

Fruit symbols that are common in most slot games were incorporated by manufacturer Herbert Mills who was able to supply gambling shops with the needed slot machines. His was a spin-off of Fey's machine, as the primary inventor did not have the means to manufacture enough of them.

The original slots had reels which spun to produce a combination of pictures. To spin it, a player has to pull a lever and wait until the reel stops. A combination of three of a kind image provides a player with monetary reward which is dispensed from the machine.

Technological advances also influenced how slot machines work. These days anyone can enjoy a game with myriad of slot games available on any device and several platforms. Gambling has turned electronic and continued to grow with the Internet and mobility improvements.

Video Games and Video Slots: The Difference

Video games and video slots may appear to have the same connotation, but are entirely different from each other. Video games are recent addition to casino games which are intended to entice millennials who are used to the sophisticated levels of mechanisms and other devices.

Gaming capitals Nevada and New Jersey has legalized skill-based video games in their casinos as a way to capture the attention of young players. Video games are likely to be at the forefront of every user experience with an upgrade of visual displays, introduction of plasma screens, and other high-end digital media and games.

Video games are created to captivate the younger players with numerous skill-based and arcade-type of games found in gambling venues and casinos. The notion though would be entirely the same with the general concept of gambling where a player is rewarded based on his skills of the game.

VGM or Video Game Gambling Machines allow a player to participate in various games including racing, first person shooter, hidden object, or fighting sports to name a few while gambling against the casino. This is more entertaining for the younger demographics who would want more than just pushing a button and waiting for the result of their actions.

Video slots on the other hand, still maintains the basic concept of its predecessors only with the addition of a video screen and a push button. The lever has been replaced by a button which a player pushes to get the digital reels spinning.

The virtual reels can also have several symbols ranging from 20-100 increasing the difficulty of combinations. Higher paying images appear less than low paying images making combinations harder to obtain.

Spins on a video slot are not affected by previous ones and still has the same odds of getting the right combinations. Although it can be hard to hit the jackpot, winning is not at all impossible with a combination of luck and advantage.

It is also important to understand that winning combinations in video slots never change and are determinately placed so a player who hits the right combination would get the appropriate payout percentage. Video slot results are also randomly generated which makes a spin unique from a previous player's spin.

Video slot machines or Video Games? Which Are Better?

There are myriad of ways in which people incorporate the two providing hours of pleasure and fun. Video game-themed slot machines are also being introduced into the market as a way to connect with millennials and inject an element of the past. Several video game-themed slot games have appeared with images of popular mainstream console games like Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Bejeweled.

The endless choices and thousands of gaming options for a regular player makes it hard to make the right decision when honing their playing skills. One of the most intriguing surprises with video games and video slots is the amount of participation among the young generation.

Several casinos have incorporated video game into their countless options as a way to generate more revenue. The number of youngsters who are getting hooked on casino is seen to double because of the fusion of casino and console quality gaming options.

Depending on a gamer's preferences, both video slots and video games are good to participate in. Because these games are partly skill-based and a good heap of luck, they can be something to enjoy and not something to be taken seriously.

Anyone who wants to visit an online site can have endless fun by looking for video slot bonuses and promotions . It can both be pure fun and rewarding with the right combination of symbols.

Video slots and video games are all part of every casino nowadays, the ambition of casinos regardless if they are location-based or internet-based, to reach a wider audience is what catapults the demand to develop modern day casino games that target the younger audience.