Most Popular Slots to try Your Luck On

Compelling, gripping and incredibly addictive - these are only some of the words many people of all ages would use when asked to describe how they view video games throughout the globe. The gaming industry has evolved tremendously, even introducing brands and titles of games that have left deep marks of impression on the hearts of every avid games out there. In fact, there are even some games which has expanded their reach outside the border of their own universes and has been adapted to other games, more specifically, the most popular slots machines.

Video Game Themed Slots may not be as high-end and engaging as the actual video games themselves but, it's definitely more than enough to put you in a ride full of thrill and excitement. Not only would you be able to witness your favorite video games in a completely different environment, you'd even have an incredulous experience as you play casino slots and gain the opportunity to vie for supreme prizes. If you firmly believe that you're an avid gamer yourself and you'd like to play casino slots with this kind of theme, then here are some of the most popular slots in the Video Game Themed slots category that you're bound to enjoy.

Tomb Raider Slot Machine

When it comes to popular and badass women characters in the Video Game scene, there's few out there that could come on par with Lara Croft. Lara Croft The Tomb Raider has always and will probably always be, one of the most iconic characters in the gaming scene. Her capability to overcome all sorts of obstacles, shoot and more, makes it an action-packed game that anyone would feel more enlivened playing.

Now, you could play this game through its own slots machine version, where you'll be able to enjoy a 15-payline machine with 5 reels. Of course, the game hosts supreme symbols all pointing towards the Tomb Raider brand and what's more exciting is the fact that occasional animations showcasing action scenes of Tomb Raider is actually shown on the game. By playing the game, you'd even stand the chance to win up to a whopping 7500 coins prize and this is something that you'd feel more within your reach through the available scatter symbols, free spin symbols and even bonus games for you to look out for.

Hitman Slot Machine

With a wide array of sequels on its belt, Hitman is obviously a legendary video game that any avid gamer would surely know. The elusive hitman will bring you to enthralling and blood-boiling experiences throughout its games and even movie, and you'll feel that kind of feeling as well when you plunge into its available slots machine version.

Boasting a superb 15-payline and 5-reel machine, this game may seem simple at first but it will certainly make you feel the full brunt of its punch right as you learn more about it. The symbols of the game certainly do justice in representing this extremely famous game and this isn't just in terms of graphics but also in terms of their effects. Aside from the regular symbols with their own respective values, the game also takes pride on its expanding wild symbol that will welcome you with top video of Hitman alongside a rich way of increasing your chances of winning it big. There are even bonus games and free spin features that you could exploit. If you're lucky, you could be one of those who could win the game's staggering 20,000-coin jackpot and 40,000-jackpot for the base and the free spin rounds, respectively.

Resident Evil

Whether it be video games, movies, and even other shows, the Resident Evil is easily one of the most famous title that everyone is pretty much aware of. In fact, gamers certainly aren't the only ones who know about this title with its prestigious fame resounding throughout divers platforms. Being such a big brand, it is only to be expected that it can also easily become one of the most popular slots today and it will surely make a huge difference if you could play it yourself.

Aside from the fact the game composts of 5 reels and 20 pay lines, you'll also be impressed with its Umbrella Corp Scatter symbol and the Resident Evil Wild Symbol. The former could offer magnanimous free spins up to 20 free spins while the latter can help you win more whopping prizes with its capability to substitute for other symbols. You'll feel that this game is even more worthy of the Resident Evil brand, as it could even bring you to a bonus game containing a shooting mechanic that will make you reminisce your zombie-killing days.