Play the hero cop and fight the American mafia in Max Payne

Max Payne, created by a Finnish video game and game technology developer, Remedy Entertainment, is a third-person shooter kind of video game that everyone at Gamecock loves to play. Basically, the storyline revolves around the life story of an eponymous deserter undercover New York Police Department cop Max Payne who is very much on the verge of vengeance for the murder of his family. He was accused and framed for the assassination of a DEA agent and sought after by NYPD and the American Mafia. The game is most excellently recognized for its motion picture noir influences and popularizing buckshot moments in video games, a theme which has inspired many casino slots based on some of the most iconic video games. We have even created a page for slots vs video games for a look at these remarkable similarities.

In playing the game, the levels are usually related to the various nightmares and figment of the imagination of Max Payne, which are all surreal. At the beginning of the play, the player is provided a semi-automatic pistol (his or her only means of defending himself or herself as of the moment), but as the game continues its progress to a higher level, various firearms are unlocked, ready to be used, for example, melee weapons and powerful grenades. Not only that the player can switch from one weapon to another, the game also lets the player wield two weapons at the same time, given that the weapon belongs to the dual wielded type. For the health of the character, the player should collect all those painkillers in the game which can be found in designated areas. But the thing that makes Max Payne a unique and exciting game is its "bullet time" effect, wherein everything around the character turns or goes into a slow-motion mode, so slow that even the trajectories of bullets are made clear to the player. In this mode, the character is able to do his special move and deliver deathly blows toward the enemies.

The game also provides two additional game modes, the "Dead on Arrival" mode and the "New York Minute" mode, and a special mode, The Last Challenge," which can only be unlocked upon the completion of the "Dead on Arrival" mode; this lets the player challenge the "Killer Suit" hitmen.