What are The Best Software Companies Today?

From Physical machines to online versions and from 2D and simple graphics to ones with overly dramatic graphics, animations and storylines - the world of the video slots games is incredibly encompassing and vast. They come in multitude of varieties and titles, making it clearer than ever just how enormous of an entity it is in the gambling scene. If you ask wagers from beginners to seasoned ones, you'll surely get the answer that these machines are really what they wish to play more with. This isn't really that surprising with how this kind of game have always been on the top for so long and has still been dominating the market ever since. This impressive feat and achievement is of course due to the Casino Developers of today, especially the best software companies.

There are a multitude of gaming software companies out there which develops online video slot machines. In fact, their amount can be said to be comparable to the number of waging establishments today. With all of these facts, it is important that you are able to pinpoint what companies you should look for in a casino, for you to guarantee right from the get-go, that you'll have an amazing experience from a specific establishment.

Criteria For Best Software Companies

Number of Games

The number of games that a company have is basically one of the signs of a great company. Let's face it - a company which haven't been successful probably would not have that much games on their library while on contrary, those which has dominated the market will continue to do so by throwing more immersive games for players to enjoy.


Gaming license is probably one of the most important aspects that gaming software companies must have if they ever want to make it to the top of the market. It emphasizes that they are a legitimate company and this is something that establishments and players would love to have. To guarantee fairness, it is also important that you look for a casino slot developer which is also regulated by a gambling authority.


Outstanding Casinos definitely have the best software companies behind the enormous library of games they have. If a software company has already established itself with revered waging establishments and have already been part of their gaming platform, you can rest assured that their games would be able to deliver you what you seek.

Best Software Companies Today


There's no denying it that Microgaming is one of the most dominant best software company today. It has been in the industry for decades already and has even nabbed diverse awards for being one of the top companies in this category worldwide. It has an enormous library of games numbering to over 600 diverse Slots with top security and even availability across diverse devices. What makes this brand even more impressive lies on the fact that it comes with titles that have mind-boggling and highly-stimulating prizes, like their Progressive jackpot Slot machines - The Dark Knight, Mega Moolah and more.


If there's any firm rival that can be comparable to Microgaming, many would undeniably pick Playtech. With reputation and experience that are already on par with Microgaming, there's little to no doubt that it could perform on the level of Microgaming as well. Although their slot machine games may not be available through mobile-dedicated applications, they can still be played via the instant-play version of the games or even downloaded on your device for more convenience. What makes this one of the best software companies, except the fact that it comes with huge library of games as well, are the facts that it comes with lucrative video slot bonuses and top live dealer options for players to exploit or take advantage of.

Net Entertainment

This brand is more known as NetEnt and in fact, it's more commonly known in that shortened name. It's equally experienced as the other two above and comes with a multitude of games on its belt as well. Games on this software are purely instant-play versions but this is definitely enough for you to enjoy them on diverse casinos as well. What will surely get you hooked more to this software company, is their impressive capability to provide top-quality graphics and games, packed with huge progressive jackpot from Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune and other titles.

Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft has also been in the industry for decades already and they have joined the upper echelon of the casino industry through their impressive list of games, especially when it comes to 3D Slot Casino games. Their games load quickly and also com with commendable prizes to boot. If you are someone who fancies to have a great experience with 3D games, then Betsoft is certainly the software for you.